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On February 13, 2012, President of ALROSA Fyodor Andreev held a working meeting with the Company’s management.

The Company’s current financial position and issues relating to the sales policy were discussed at the meeting.

According to the results of the trading session held in January 2012, ALROSA has noted a sustained growth in demand for rough diamonds as compared with the 4th quarter last year.

Sales volume of rough and polished diamonds in January exceeded USD 318 million.

In the 1st quarter 2012 the Company is planning to sell rough and polished diamonds for over USD 1 billion 123 million. The core products sales in 1Q 2011 amounted to USD 931 million.

Taking into account the increasing demand, ALROSA is planning to return to the spot market and hold auctions for a wide range of rough diamonds in March.

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