Wild reindeer natural reserve ALROSA-Rangifer Chekanovsky created in Yakutia

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May 28, 2021 - The government of Yakutia signed a decree establishing specially protected natural area named ALROSA-Rangifer Chekanovsky for protecting wild reindeer at the area of 64,152 hectares.

The territory’s name is a tribute to ALROSA’s vast input to the conservation of the Leno-Oleneksky population of wild reindeer.

The Chekanovsky Ridge in Bulunsky district of Yakutia is unique by its natural characteristics and biological importance. It homes the main breeding stock of the Lena-Olenyoksky wild reindeer population, almost 90% of those responsible for successful reproduction of the population.

“Every year starting from 2016, ALROSA together with scientists from the Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone monitor the migration of wild reindeer of the Lena-Olenyoksky population using satellite radio collars. In February 2019, the company signed a long-term agreement with local environmental authorities to assess the current state of tundra populations of wild reindeer in Yakutia. Now ALROSA fully finances the creation of a new specially protected natural area at the Chekanovsky ridge in Bulunsky district of Yakutia,” said ALROSA’s Chief Ecologist Polina Anisimova.

This natural reserve will help protecting main areas of calving, summering and feeding of the Lena-Olenyoksky reindeer population.

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