Updated information about the rescue operation at 6.00 am MSK:

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Eight miners are still trapped in the underground mine, rescue teams continue their search on levels 210 and 310 assisted by load-haul dump machines that help people to clear mining tunnels from silt brought by water, construction debris and slabs of ore. There is no access to some of the mine levels. Over the past 24 hours, rescuers have cleared over 200 meters of the mine workings and managed to explore over 7,000 meters of tunnels as part of the special rescue operation.

On Monday, August 7, at 6.00 am local time, a group of rope access technicians – ALROSA’s rock climbers – continued the work started on Sunday, August 6. By now (12.00 local time), they managed to go through several hundred meters of pit dumps and advanced towards accessible wells and tunnels. All through the day, rock climbers will be trying to send a signal through a drain pipe to the places where the trapped people are supposedly located.

Electricity is supplied to levels 210 and 310. The situation with gas content in the underground mine is normal with no exceed of the standard. Ventilation systems are functioning normally with no threat of gas contamination, oxygen is supplied to the underground mine in normal mode.

On Monday morning, the relatives of miners who remain trapped underground arrived by plane to Mirny. They were accommodated in the town hotel. All the expenses related to the flight and accommodation will be paid by the Company. The Emergency Ministry specialists, together with ALROSA’s social service, are rendering professional psychological assistance to the people. In the afternoon, top management of the Company and the rescue operation will meet with the miners’ relatives.

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