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Information from the Emergency Response Center of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia as of August 17 11:43 am local time.

Eight mine rescue brigades with a total of 51 people were sent underground over the last 24 hours.
The aviation group finished the cargo drop into the open pit, which resulted in partial water discharge (over 2,000 cubic meters).

Search and rescue operations on level – 210 meters:

- works to clear out rubble in ventilation and backfill gallery on level – 210 in two directions: - along the ventilation and backfill gallery to the ventilation service raise No. 1;
- along the air stowage crosscut to the ventilation service raise No. 2.

Works are complicated by the presence of big lumps of rock, metal structures and pipes of the diameter ranging from 159 to 325 mm in the rock mass, rescuers use motor drills and gas saws to cut and remove them. The approach workings are flooded, filled with rock and blocked by metal structures. Upon the recommendation of hydrogeologists, it was decided to drain the water from the bottom of the open pit by dropping cargo from helicopters in compliance with all security requirements, so as to prevent unauthorized water breakthrough into underground mine workings. In the direction to the ventilation service raise No. 1 they cleared 39 meters (picket 25 + 7 meters). The extracted rock mass amounted to 1,015 cubic meters. In the direction to the ventilation service raise No. 2 they cleared 38 meters (picket No. 23). The extracted rock mass amounted to 670 cubic meters.

According to the instrumental measurements’ results, the water level in the Mir open pit mine as of 11:10 pm MSK on August 16, 2017, is – 176.1 meters, the water volume was estimated as 5,550 cubic meters. The water level in the cage shaft as of August 17, 2017 is – 298.8 meters. The amount of water coming to the underground mine is 1,000-1,200 cubic meters per hour. The ventilation regime is normal, mine rescue operations continue.

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