Update on the rescue operation at 7.30 am MSK

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Mine rescuers’ activities over the past 24 hours:

- controlled drain and water discharge from Mir open-pit mine was organized tomake it possible to work in shifts without any risk of repeated uncontrolled flooding of the underground mine;

- mine workings on level -210 meters were inspected, no changes were found;

- works resumed to clear the face of the airway on level -210 meters;

- revision of a 300-meter long pipeline from the chamber of main drainage installations up to the skip shaft continues;

- centering of the pump in the skip shaft cage continues, drilling of an exploratory well on level -210 meterswas started to exclude flooding while rescuers are breaking through debris;

- an underground base was organized on level -210 meters at the junction of the stowing crossway and the backfill slope, one team of mine rescuers and a medical professional work there;

- one team of divers started exploring mine workings along the route from the backfill slope to level -327 meters.

The amount of water coming to the underground mine is 1,000-1,200 cubic meters per hour.

The ventilation regime is normal, the air temperature at the work site is + 12°C.

320 people are involved in the emergency recovery efforts, 147 of them are from ALROSA.

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