Update on the rescue operation at 6.00 pm MSK

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40 meters of underground workings on level 310 have been cleared from debris. An exploratory well drilled on level 210 showed the absence of water and possibility to continue works in one of the directions on the level. On level 210, works are performed in two faces, mine workers removed two large rocks and deformed metal on one of the sites. In the other direction, rescuers cleared the search area from metal debris. Breakdown of equipment complicated works on the level. .
Representatives of ALROSA and the Emergencies Ministry of Russia meet with the families of missing miners every day to provide psychological aid. The relatives have the opportunity to ask any questions about the search and rescue operation underground. Psychologists are always present at such meetings. In addition to work with the miners’ families, psychologists speak with every team of mine rescuers and miners involved in the recovery from the emergency in the underground mine.
A commission is working to determine causes of the accident.

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