Update on the rescue operation at 4.30 pm MSK

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There is a shift of 69 rescuers and miners in the mine shaft now.The rescue operation is carried out 24 hours a day in three shifts.


The main result today is that there is nomore threat of water rushing into the underground mine.ALROSA’s specialists developed a plan that allowed directing over 40 thousand tons of water to the lowest levels of the underground mine, thus preventing uncontrolled water and clay inflow to the underground mine. It became possible to secure mine rescuers and miners engaged in the rescue operation underground.


There was another meeting of the families of the missing miners with the management of ALROSA and the Emergencies Ministry topresent a detailed report on the progress of the rescue operation.


Tomorrow, if it is possible to ensure an adequate safety level, Alexey Mariin, the brother of the missing miner from Belgorod, will join the group of rescuers as an observer.

The mine rescue brigade is getting ready to go down to the mine shaft – Video 

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