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Information from the Emergency Response Center of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia.

To ensure safe operations, a triple reserve of material and technical resources is accumulated on level 210. Shifts of miners and mine rescuers must have everything they need to clear out rubble.

Also a reserve is being made to ensure continuous operation of the pumps. Three pumps with a capacity of 1,250 cubic meters of water per hour each have been assembled and are ready-to-run on level 210.

These pumps will pump the water out to the chamber of the main drainage system, wherefrom it will be sent to the surface.

Pumps will be started when a certain water level in the mine shaft is reached to ensure safe search and rescue operations.

Activities carried out by the Mine Rescue Brigade of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia and ALROSA’s employees over the past 24 hours:

- to search for the miners, works are carried out to clear the face of the ventilation and backfill gallery on level – 210 meters from rock mass in two directions to the ventilation service raises Nos. 1 and 2; Works are complicated by the presence of metal structures and pipes of the diameter ranging from 159 to 325 mm in the rock mass, rescuers use motor drills and gas saws to cut them. The approach workings are flooded and filled with rock and metal structures.

In the direction to the ventilation service raise No. 1 they moved – 15 meters to the picket 18 + 2 meters, having extracted 300 cubic meters of rock.

In the direction to the ventilation service raise No. 2 they moved – 13.5 meters to the picket 15 + 3.5 meters, having extracted 260 cubic meters of rock.

- to search for the miners, works are carried out to clear the transportation cross-entry on level – 310 meters to clear the passage to mine workings on level – 295 meters. They passed – 110 meters to the picket 25, having extracted 1,250 cubic meters of rock;

- an exploratory well is being drilled using the NKR drilling rig on the annular ventilation and backfill passage to the area of the ventilation service raise No. 6 on level – 210 meters, to eliminate possible flooding while clearing out rubble – 10 meters were passed (a total of 60 meters drilled);

- an underground base was organized on level – 210 meters at the junction of the stowing crossway and backfill slope, one team of mine rescuers and a medical professional work there;

Following a plan to maintain the water level, a 1D1250/120 pump and necessary connection materials were delivered to level – 310 meters, connection cables and conductors were prepared and the pump frame was assembled in the dump truck body.

The amount of water coming to the underground mine is 1,000-1,200 cubic meters per hour. There is no water in the open-pit mine.

The ventilation regime is normal, no excess of gas concentrations above the admissible concentration level is fixed, the air temperature at the work site is + 12°C. Mire rescue operations continue.

A consolidated group of psychologists consisting of 10 specialists is working to provide psychological aid to the families of missing miners and miners who are involved in the operation.

Representatives from ALROSA and the Emergencies Ministry of Russia meet with the families of missing miners every day. The relatives have the opportunity to ask any questions about the search and rescue operation underground. Psychologists are always present at such meetings. In addition to work with the miners’ families, psychologists speak with every team of mine rescuers and miners involved in the recovery from the emergency in the underground mine.

A commission is working to determine causes of the accident.

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