Two large rough diamonds found in Yakutia

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On July 18, a very large rough diamond weighing almost 110 carats was recovered at the Processing Plant No. 3 of ALROSA’s Mirny Mining and Processing Division. Two days earlier, a 75-carat rough diamond was recovered at the Processing Plant No. 14 of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. These large rough diamonds became presents for two anniversaries celebrated by the Company – 60 years of diamond mining industry and 25 years of ALROSA.

Both rough diamonds are initially estimated as gem-quality. They are octahedron crystals with small inclusions, one of them with a straw-yellow tint.

In just a few days, diamonds will arrive to ALROSA’s Diamond Sorting Center, where they will be studied thoroughly and each of them will receive a special passport. By ALROSA’s tradition, the facts of recovery of large diamonds may be given names. The Company will consider this issue in the short run.

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