Technical and production meeting held to produce emergency scenarios to manage water inflow in Mir underground mine

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Specialists from ALROSA Mining Department, Yakutniproalmaz Institute, representatives of the EmergenciesMinistry, municipal and regional administrations, and the Investigative Committee held a meeting in Mirny.The main task now is to ensure the miners and rescuers’ safety through a controlled drain of the water accumulated in the open pit mine into the underground mine.

As of 11.30 am local time on August 18, water in the underground mine was at level – 292.35 meters.In view of the existing empty interstices, the rate of water inflow to the open pit and underground mine, and the measures taken, a schedule has been developed to startthe pumps installed on level –210meters.They must ensure the safetyof the search and rescue operations in future.

Among the emergency measures in the extreme cases of water accumulation in the open pit mine and the risk of its immediate discharge into the underground mine, locally directed blasting operations with cumulative chargesis consideredfor the purpose of removing blockages.

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