Supporting local communities

Our social investments focus on providing targeted support for children’s institutions, cultural and sports facilities, education and academic communities, and public health.

The basis of PJSC ALROSA activities aimed at support and development of local communities and social investments in sustainable development of the regions where the company operates is contractual obligations under existing agreements as well as the “Regional development, charity and sponsorship” program.

In the reporting year, the company provided free material, patronage, sponsor and targeted support to individuals, public, municipal, governmental organizations, establishments, populated areas in the amount of RUB 3.6 bn.

Activities of the company’s subdivisions and its subsidiaries affect the interests of the people of the Sadynsky national nasleg of Mirny district, the national Anabar ulus and national Olenek ulus, where Dolgans, Evenki, Evens and other representatives of indigenous minorities of the North live.

The company continues to implement projects to support the “diamond province” uluses in the performance of agricultural and traditional fishing and hunting activities aimed at the revival of national cultures and preservation of historical values. Within the scope of the regional development, the company pays great attention to supporting ancestral communities of reindeer herders and fishermen in the northernmost regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). By providing financial assistance to municipalities, and by organizing charitable campaigns for the children in sponsored uluses, ALROSA promotes employment of the population and their higher earnings making a considerable contribution in improvement of the social stability in the whole rough diamond production region.

The company’s enterprises support tribal communities of reindeer herders and fishermen: annual financial assistance is provided for agricultural activities, support and development of traditional fishing and hunting activities, procurement of off-road vehicles, fishing gear and hunting equipment.

When the development of Verkhne-Munskoe ore field was started in 2015, ALROSA was involved in the industrial, social and economic development of the Olenek Evenki National District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which is mainly populated by Evenks, Yukagirs and Nganasans (Mayats) leading a nomadic life due to the traditional subsistence of reindeer herding. Once the deposit has been developed, additional jobs will appear, and the inhabitants of the district will be able to get employed by the mining plants, which is of special importance to younger generation. The inhabitants of the settlement will be engaged in maintenance of social objects.

Budget replenishment of Olenek ulus with tax revenues will significantly increase the quality of life in the district and give rise to the social and economic development of the district. As a crucial point, the company also ensured that locals could continue traditional agricultural and cattle breeding activities, as natural ecosystems will not be violated, in accordance with the project of new deposit development.

In 2016, for the purposes of charity ALROSA transferred RUB 20 mn to the Administration of Olenek Evenki national district municipality for construction of the Ethnocultural center in the village of Olenek.

In order to provide rational employment to indigenous rural residents (in the villages of Arylakh, Syuldyukar and Taas-Yurakh), the company structure includes a multipurpose farm – the “Sovkhoz Novy”. The farm is mainly engaged in production and supply of organic “live” milk, eggs and meat to satisfy the needs of employees of the company, as well as the needs of kindergartens and schools, including free sale of the products to the population of the area.



Since 2014, the Novy farm is among the recipients of state assistance within the scope of the republican targeted program “Social and economic development of rural territories of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”.

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