As a company we are committed to protecting the environment and following sustainable practices wherever we can.

To prevent or minimize disruptions to the areas where we operate, we have implemented a clear set of principles aimed at reducing environmental risk. These include:

ALROSA has now launched a new, comprehensive programme of environmental measures with activities mapped out from the present till 2018. These cover:

The Company’s total environmental spending amounted to about RUB 5.96 billion in 2014.

ALROSA implemented a number of important environmental projects, including:

While addressing environmental problems, ALROSA also pays great attention to conserving biodiversity in our main production area, Western Yakutia. We allocated more than RUB 60 million to establish a specially protected territory, Living Diamonds of Yakutia Natural Park. Under our ‘Restoration of Biological Diversity’ program we have introduced populations of beavers, musk oxen and buffalo into Yakutia. We are delighted to report that these animals have now settled in, and are clearly thriving in the environment of the Far North.

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