Corporate social programmes

Сooperation and voluntary corporate initiatives, which are aimed at improving the social position of the employees, remain unshakable.

ALROSA is totally committed to improving the social and personal wellbeing of our people, by organising both corporate and voluntary initiatives.

Over the years, we have developed a series of often innovative and successful programs. These have covered the rehabilitation and recreation (R&R) of employees and their families, health, culture and sports, housing, and private pension provision.

All programs are designed to increase motivation, secure professional staff, and maintain good morale and a healthy psychological climate across all our operations.

In 2014, ALROSA invested over RUB 3.2 billion in social programs, with part of the funds spent on measures to maintain health and healthy lifestyle of employees.

Health Protection

With adverse climate conditions adding to the arduous and hazardous working conditions in our core operations, we work hard to prevent disease and illness wherever possible, and also to organize rehabilitation treatment where necessary. In addition, our social policy programme provides recreation facilities for our employees their families.

Over the years, the company has operated a formal R&R program for employees and their children. This provides subsidized vouchers for spa treatment and rehabilitation, biannually or annually in off-season periods (October 1 to April 1). Employees pay just 30% of the costs (for adults) or 20% (for children).

Employee R&R takes place mainly at the ALROSA all-year R&R facilities. These are fully equipped with modern medical equipment, and staffed by experienced professionals.

In 2014, our corporate health programme issued a total of 13,672 vouchers.

In 2014, we spent RUB 268.4 million on social investment in our employees through our Health Programme.

Corporate culture and healthy lifestyle

We subsidise cultural and sports projects through our corporate Culture and Sports Program. Unlike other social programs, this is both inward and outward oriented. As a result, we have helped create a thriving social environment for both company employees and local residents.

Every year, the ALROSA Culture and Sports Complex organizes and frequently participates in important projects in the region’s cultural and sports activities.

In 2014, the ALROSA Culture and Sports Programme spent RUB 150.4 million on various events.


We offer dedicated corporate assistance to employees who choose to buy their own homes. We provide this through a four-part programme:

1. By rebating bank interest rates on mortgage loans for buying housing, in accordance with the ALROSA Employee Mortgage Loan Scheme for 2011-2018

2. By selling homes from the corporate housing stock to employees who rent them through commercial lease contracts and gratuitous use agreements (with the exception of housing units in hostels). Settlements are made by instalments, and with a real estate mortgage (mortgage security)

3. By making homes available to employees through equity participation by the company

4. By arranging swaps of employees’ privately-owned housing for company-owned housing in the regions where we operate (provided such housing is not part of the dedicated corporate housing stock).

Private pension plan

We introduced a system of additional or supplementary pension cover in 1998.

An ALROSA corporate pension is paid for life. We calculate benefits with regular updating to take variables such as wage levels, readjustment of pension outpayments, and other factors fully into account.

Our supplementary pension plan programme is arranged through the Almaznaya Osen (Diamond Autumn) Private Pension Fund. Almaznaya started working with the funded portion of the retirement pension in the area of state pension insurance, which allows employees to deposit their pension contributions safely, and receive a guaranteed income from their investment. The founding organizations behind the fund are ALROSA, Profalmaz Inter-regional Trade Union, and Derzhava Commercial Bank.

Since 2002, the Fund has ranked among Russia’s biggest private pension funds. The Fund has a code certificate confirming that management systems comply with the requirements of the GOST R ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In 2014, 17,714 people were receiving a private pension from ALROSA, with an average annual payout of RUB 4,494.

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