Corporate social programmes

Сooperation and voluntary corporate initiatives, which are aimed at improving the social position of the employees, remain unshakable.

For many years ALROSA has been implementing such programs as «Wellness and Recreation of Employees and their Children», «Health», «Culture and Sports», «Housing», «Private Pension Plans».

All these programs are designed to create conditions for additional motivation to work in the company, consolidate professional staff and maintain a favorable and psychological climate within the work community.

Health protection

Supporting and safeguarding health of the employees and their families is one of the strategically important areas of the Company’s social policy that define the environment for improving the efficiency of labor at enterprises.

The program is implemented on the basis of the structural subdivision called Medical Center of PJSC ALROSA by means of agreements forged with more than 70 leading treatment facilities as well as scientific and healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The main production workers are prioritized to receive treatment (70 % of the workers sent for treatment).

Since 2017, within the scope of voluntary medical insurance of employees, the Company cooperates with the insurance group RESO-Garantia.

In 2016, 289 million rubles were allocated to finance the «Health» program.

Wellness and Recreation of Employees and their Children

Taking into consideration unfavorable climatic conditions, as well as heavy and harmful working conditions at the main production facilities, a special place in Social policy of ALROSA takes the prevention of illnesses and organization of health resort treatment and recreation.

In accordance with the «Wellness and Recreation of Employees and their Children»  program the employee has the opportunity to get a preferential ticket for health resort treatment and recreation in health institutions no more than once every two years, paying 30% of its value for himself and 20% for his child.

During the off-season (the sanatorium "Blue Wave" - from October 1 to May 1, the Health Complex "Prometheus" - from October 1 to May 15), preferential vouchers are provided annually.

The recovery of ALROSA employees is carried out mainly on the company’s own centers for a year-round sanatorium and health resort treatment and recreation, including the ones on the Black Sea coast of Russia equipped with modern medical equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Since 2015, ALROSA continued children’s recreational outings to leisure resorts situated on the Black Sea coast. More than 200 million rubles are allocated annually for organization children's recreation.

Corporate vouchers for wellness and recreation were used by 14350 people, including employees, their children, as well as Company’s retired veterans.

In 2016, social investments in personnel under the program «Wellness and Recreation of Employees and their Children», amounted to 1.018 billion rubles.


The objectives of the program are to attract and retain qualified personnel at the Company, and to expand the opportunities of employees to improve their living conditions by using their personal funds on the base of corporate support tools when purchasing private housing.

In accordance with the Mortgage lending program for ALROSA (PJSC) employees for 2011-2018, employees who purchase housing at their own expense receive targeted corporate support which includes compensation for expenses related to payment of mortgage interest for acquisition of ownership living quarters. There are 476 participants in the mortgage lending program. In 2016, company's employees were provided with expenses related to payment of mortgage interest in the amount of 57.1 million rubles.

Corporate financial aid to the employees who purchase residential property at their own expense amounted to 72.3 million rubles.

In addition, within the scope of the "Housing" program, the construction of hostels and dwelling houses for the Company's employees is carried out. For more than 15 years, resettlement of veteran retirees to Orel has been performed, where in 2016 137 contracts were concluded.

Culture and sports

One of the key factors in increasing labor productivity is the development of corporate culture, creation a favorable corporate spirit. Creation of conditions for organization of proper leisure activities for the Company’s workers and the population of the regions, where the Company operates, contributes to healthy lifestyle formation, morbidity reduction, preservation of fitness for work and enhancement of cultural and educational level.

Implementation of the program is entrusted to the Cultural and Sports Complex of ALROSA. The Cultural and Sports Complex of  ALROSA includes 14 sports facilities, eight cultural institutions, and six facilities for children and adolescents having a rest in summer. 15 sports sections for children and 17 for adults are constantly operating on the base of cultural and sports establishments of CSC, as well as there are  more than 90 creative and performing arts teams attended by over 6 thousand people.

In 2016, 146.9 million rubles were allocated to finance the "Culture and Sports" program.

Private Pension Plans

The Private Pension Plan program for employees of the Company has been implemented since 1998. The purpose of the program is not just to ensure decent standard of living for retiring employees but also to attract, retain and motivate the personnel for long-term and efficient work at the Company.

The program is implemented through Almaznaya Osen Non-State Pension Fund

Additional pension for employees is formed in the framework of the corporate pension plan, which implies regular contributions (deductions) of the Company to the Private Pension Fund (PPF).

Funds for non-state pension provision to the program participants of all categories are annually provided for in the Company’s budget in the form of pension contributions to the corporate PPF amounting to up to 12 % of the wages fund.*

In 2016, 18,597 people received ALROSA's non-state pension. The average monthly pension amounted to 5,268 rubles.

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