Sergey Ivanov attended inauguration of the President of Angola

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ALROSA President Sergey Ivanov visited the Republic of Angola to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new President of Angola and hold a working meeting with the management of the national diamond company Endiama E.P.

João Lourenço was proclaimed the President after the Angolan electoral commission announced the results of the parliamentary elections on August 23 this year. The governing party, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), won the elections. According to the Angolan legislation, the leader of the party winning the most parliamentary seats becomes the President. The inauguration ceremony of João Lourenço was held on September 26 in the Angolan capital Luanda.

ALROSA President Sergey Ivanov:
“In his inaugural speech, João Lourenço drew particular attention to the need to attract foreign investment to Angola, create conditions for the dynamic development of the country’s economy. Our Company, which has been working in Angola for many years, welcomes these tendencies and is interested in further developing bilateral cooperation with our Angolan partners. We wish João Lourenço success in his new position and will do our best to strengthen the mutually beneficial economic ties between Russia and Angola.”

Besides, during his visit to Angola, ALROSA President met with the head of the national diamond mining company ENDIAMA E.P. Antonio Carlos Sumbula. They discussed the measures aimed at the improvement of business performance and growth of financial results of the Catoca Ltd. Mining Co. that is engaged in diamond mining in Lunda Sul province. Sergey Ivanov and Antonio Carlos Sumbula also discussed the preparation of a feasibility study of the project for the joint development of the new diamond deposit Luele, the largest of the kimberlite pipes discovered worldwide over the past 60 years.

Currently, ALROSA is a co-founder of Catoca Ltd. Mining Co. with the 32.8% share in the authorized capital. By the end of the year, ALROSA will increase its share up to 41%. Through Catoca Ltd. Mining Co., ALROSA also plans to participate in the development of the Luaxe concession (the Luele pipe). Besides, since 2014, ALROSA and Angola’s national diamond-mining company ENDIAMA E.P. have been carrying out geological exploration in Angola as part of a joint venture.

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