Results of ALROSA’s International Auction in Hong Kong

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On September 13–21, the international auction of rough diamonds was held within the framework of the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair.

33 companies from Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium, and India had been invited, and 24 of them took part in the auction as bidders.

89 lots of rough diamonds with a total weight of 1,605.54 carats, originating from ALROSA mines, were put out for sale.

81 lots were sold, fetching altogether USD 10.20 million.

79 polished diamonds were put out at the polished auction, with the total weight of 286.00 carats. The biggest polished stone weighed 9.04 carats; and the most expensive one weighed 4.01 carats and cost USD52,089 per carat.

33 companies from the continental part of China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, the USA, Belgium, and Thailand took part in the polished auction.

In total, 69 polished diamonds were sold, with the total weight of 264.66 carats to the amount of USD3,323 thousand.

The companies invited by ALROSA to the rough and polished auctions participated actively. Their bids testified to selective demand for diamond products and high clients’ interest to rough and polished of fancy colors.

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