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On 10th July 2009 the ALROSA Supervisory Board by absentee voting resolved as follows:

  • RF Vice Premier — Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin was elected Chairman of the ALROSA Supervisory Board.
  • ALROSA President Sergey Vybornov was relieved of his mandate, effective from 13 July 2009.
  • Fyodor Andreev was appointed President of ALROSA Co. Ltd., effective from 15 July 2009.


Fyodor Borisovich Andreev was born in 1966 in Voronezh.

In 1989 Mr. Andreev graduated from Leningrad State University with a major in Political Economy.

Previous positions:

1989 — 1991: Economist and Senior Economist, Financing and Credit Department at the Tver Commercial Bank, Tver.

1991 — 1992: Senior Specialist and Head of Marketing and Development, Tver Commercial Trade and Industrial Association TverKommertsia Ltd, Tver.

1992 — 1996: Economist and Senior Economist, Securities Department; Head, Liabilities Management Department; Director, St. Petersburg branch of Tver Universal Bank, St. Petersburg.

1997 — 1999: Deputy Chairman of the Board, commercial bank BaltOnExim Bank, St. Petersburg.

1999 — 2001: Chairman of the Board, commercial bank BaltOnExim Bank, St. Petersburg.

2002 — 2003: First Vice-President, Economics and Finance, ALROSA, Moscow.

2003: Vice-President, Russian Railways.

2005: Senior Vice-President, Russian Railways.

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