Rescue operation at Mir underground mine

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The rescue operation continues at Mir underground mine. About 160 people from ALROSA only participate in it. A total of 330 people are involved in the operation, including divers from the Emergency Ministry, ALROSA’s rock climbers who came to Mirny from Aikhal. To maximize the efficiency of the operation, the Company brought the best professional engineers from different production sites. They are actively helping to develop rescue plans and offer solutions that might facilitate and speed up the search in a changing environment.

Today, ALROSA sent a helicopter that attempted to drop the cargo with the intent that the hydraulic impact caused the discharge of the water accumulated at the bottom of the open-pit and enabled the rescue groups to continue the safe operation underground on upper levels. If necessary, this operation will be repeated.

As the hydrological situation was getting worse, several powerful pumps were installed in a record time to dewater the mine. Usually the installation takes about a month. In this situation, all technical resources were mobilized. More than 50 people from four enterprises installed the pumps in 72 hours.

Considering that the production at the underground mine was halted, an order was signed for the employees to receive the salary in the period of downtime. Workers of the underground sectors of Mir mine will be paid the average salary, and the workers not involved in underground mining will be paid two-thirds of the salary. A special salary multiplier – 2 is fixed for the employees who go down into the mine during their work shifts. A set of measures is also being developed to place mine workers in vacant jobs in Mirny Mining and Processing Division and other Company divisions.

Since the beginning of the rescue operation, all the necessary material and human resources have been sent to perform the rescue operation. The information that the search has been stopped or that we lack the equipment contradicts the reality.

The Company organized a flight to Mirny for the relatives of the miners who are trapped underground. Meetings with the relatives are held every day, sometimes several times a day. In the emergency response center they receive all the information about the rescue operation.

Considering the tough situation of the missing miners’ relatives, ALROSA will pay them a compensation of RUB 2 million regardless of the outcome of the rescue operation.


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