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ALROSA builds its long-term partnerships with customers on the foundation of strict adherence to standards of business ethics, and on the principle of common responsibility for the integrity and reputation of the diamond business.

To ensure adherence to the best industry practices ALROSA has developed and adopted “The ALROSA ALLIANCE Guidelines on Responsible Business Practices” (“the Guidelines”) that set forth the following principles:

By providing and using ALROSA ALLIANCE Logo ALROSA and its long-term customers declare their adherence to the Guidelines, commitment to their implementation in their business activities and in the process of interaction with their business partners throughout the entire diamond supply chain from mine to retail.

ALROSA calls on all its business partners who buy rough diamonds to declare their adherence to the Guidelines as a voluntary gesture that will demonstrate their high level of professionalism and responsible conduct on the diamond market.

The Guidelines are founded on the experience of the implementation of the world’s best practices in business, internationally-accepted corporate governance standards and key international instruments that regulate ethical principles of business practices, financial transparency, human rights, ensure security, social and economic stability, and protection of environment. The Guidelines are also based on key documents of the United Nations Organization, laws of the Russian Federation, and the best industry initiatives for implementing responsible business practices.

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