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OJSC "ALROSA", the world's leading rough diamond producer and seller, guarantees to its customers that rough diamonds offered by it for sale are obtained in full compliance with the national laws and international commitments of the Russian Federation, including the provisions of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

In its dealings with the customers, ALROSA ensures that the customers do not violate the generally accepted world practice of selling natural, synthetic, treated diamonds and end products separately, and that the customers are financially solvent.

The core of the Company's sales policy is long-term (three-year) supply agreements with the world's largest consumers of rough diamonds. ALROSA entered into such agreements with a number of companies from Russia, Belgium, India, Israel and Hong Kong SAR, PRC. These companies are major manufacturers of polished diamonds and jewelry, with proven solvency and competence and well-organized sales systems. Minimum volumes and assortments of monthly supply, as well as an option to adjust, by mutual agreement, the volumes and purchase an extra range of goods not stipulated by the agreement, are guaranteed for them. The major activities of this group of buyers are manufacturing and sales of polished diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Also, ALROSA trades in rough diamonds, based on one-time sales and purchase transactions, without concluding fixed-term supply agreements. In this case, the buyers can be Russian companies registered with the territorial inspectorates of assay supervision and entitled under the laws of the Russian Federation to deal in gemstones, as well as the companies registered outside the Russian Federation in the Kimberley Process member countries and entitled under the laws of those countries to deal in gemstones.

On the basis of competitive bidding ALROSA sells wide assortment of diamonds in Moscow and outside the Russian Federation with the assistance of its foreign subsidiary companies. Large rough diamonds of +10.8 carats are sold exceptionally at auctions. The buyers who are the Company's partners under long-term agreements and one-time sale contracts, as well as other customers, who meet the minimum requirements, can participate in tenders and auctions.

In 2011 ALROSA has launched a new form of rough diamond trade – online electronic auctions. The Company is planning to organize such auctions in the future.

The Company's sales policy is in compliance with all the requirements of antimonopoly laws of the Russian Federation and ensures equal terms of the customers' access to rough diamonds. For this purpose, irrespective of a specific purchaser's requirements, uniform procedures of rough sorting and formation of standard boxes are applied. Also, uniform requirements to the provisions of fixed-term supply agreements and contracts are applied; tenders are held based on the uniform criteria and procedures.

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