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Diamond mining is a knowledge-intensive process, requiring the most advanced technology and production design solutions. Here, ALROSA has vast resources.

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Ivan Ivanov

Scientific Secretary of the Expert Council for Innovations under the President of OJSC ALROSA, Candidate of Technical Sciences


T: +7 495 620 9250, *1161

The Yakutniproalmaz Research and Design Institute (, and the Geological Research and Exploration Enterprise – both located in Mirny - carry out vital scientific research in the mining, mineral processing and exploration technology fields.

In 2012, Yakutniproalmaz Institute provided research and other services to a value of RUB 352 million; research funded by federal subventions from the Ministry of Education and Science amounted to RUB 91.5 million. The value of the design production work was RUB 1,546.2 million, including RUB 718.6 million provided directly by Yakutniproalmaz (not counting any subcontracted work).

In 2012, the Geological Research and Exploration Enterprise provided geological studies to the value of RUB 231.5 million.

Comprehensive mining research covered the following areas:

Yakutniproalmaz Institute acts as the project generator and coordinator, and general designer. Mine design and engineering are based on technical specifications and production schedules, which are themselves based on the results of research. In the design stage, we also pay particular attention to protecting the subsoil, natural resources, and the environment; compliance with industrial safety regulations; and full extraction of reserves.

ALROSA has used the Datamine software to solve geological problems, and design and plan mining operations. This has worked very successfully.

We also prioritise cooperation with industrial and academic research institutions. Here are some of the best-known institutes and organizations we work with, either as research partners or by drawing on their own research.

Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), including the Siberian Branch:

Higher educational establishments:

Independent (non-state owned) institutes and organizations:


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