The ALROSA Group brings together 47 subsidiaries and affiliated companies from nine industry sectors.

Russia’s main diamond mines are concentrated in Western Yakutia, far from the major industrial and population centers. This remoteness, and the resulting high operating and maintenance costs, led to the creation of specialist, independent companies or other independent bodies. Organized within the structures of the former USSR ministries, these companies supplied the diamond mines and processing facilities with all necessary materials, machinery and consumables. The Yakutalmaz Group (later the Yakutalmaz Association) also had its own logistics, trade and transport divisions.

Many of these companies and organizations were later to merge with ALROSA, forming its divisions or subsidiaries.

Today these ancillary operations cover 11 national economic sectors. Together, they make up ALROSA’s industrial and social infrastructure.

Our industrial infrastructure is organized into eight units:

The Company’s social infrastructure is supported by four organizations and companies:

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