Geological complex

The main objective of the geological service-growth stocks of raw materials due to the opening of new fields.

The priority is to be given to the territory of Western Yakutia.

Prospecting, exploration, research and related types of exploration operations are being carried out by subdivisions of the exploration complex of the company in the territories of the five constituent entities of the RF: the Republic of Sakha, Irkutsk Region, Arkhangelsk Region, the Republic of Karelia, and the Murmansk Region.

Today ALROSA carries out prospecting and exploration in dozens of sites in six diamondiferous areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia):

In the territory of Western Yakutia, prospecting and exploration is carried out by the Amakinskaya and Botoubinskaya exploration expeditions. Geological support of mining activities (on-mine-site exploration, hydrogeological investigations, prospecting and exploration for building materials) is assigned to the specialized Mirny exploration expedition.
In 2006, for diamond exploration in the north of Yakutia, a special, fourth, Arkticheskaya (Arctic) exploration expedition was established by ALROSA.

The ALROSA-Pomorye division is searching for diamonds in the north of the East European platform, also providing support to an ALROSA subsidiary PJSC Severalmaz.

The Geological Scientific and Research Enterprise (NIGP) provides scientific and methodological support of exploration operations, geological data collection and analysis.

The main volume of research that has been performed is related to diamonds. In addition, the regional geological and geophysical surveys, monitoring and environmental protection measures are carried out.

Geological support of mining operations on the existing diamond deposits, as well as exploration and development of new mines is carried out by the corporate Geological Survey.

The day-to-day management of the exploration complex is provided by two functional departments in the Mirny Office- Mine-Site Geology Division and Prospecting Division. The corporate Geological Survey is headed by the Deputy Executive Director — Chief Geologist of ALROSA.

Despite the high efficiency of the exploration that has already been carried out, the prospects for discovery of new diamond deposits in Western Yakutia still remain very promising.

Hope is pinned on the expansion of exploration efforts in the so-called «covered» areas, within which exploration targets are covered with a thick layer of overlying formations of various genesis.

In 2016 the company has allocated 6.38 billion rubles for exploration.

ALROSA is Russia’s largest company in terms of hard mineral exploration carried out.

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