African projects

ALROSA’s Projects in Africa Development Strategy was worked out in 2012.

Huge experience obtained during primary diamond deposits development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) allows ALROSA to rapidly develop new perspective regions. In 2012, the Development Strategy for African Projects was worked out. Africa is considered as opportunity to increase the company’s production of rough diamonds.

ALROSA is contributing its exploration techniques and know-how that proved to be very efficient in Yakutia. The company develops projects in three African countries: Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe. These countries proved to be top-priority as a result of assays made by ALROSA’s geologists in 2011.

Republic of Angola

ALROSA is a co-founder of Catoca Ltd. Mining Co. with the 32.8% share in the authorized capital. Catoca mines rough diamonds in the Lunda Sul province with high potential of new discoveries of primary diamond deposits.

In 2014, ALROSA and the Angolan national diamond company ENDIAMA E.P. (also owns 32.8% share in Catoca) signed an agreement establishing an exploration joint venture in Angola.

Geologists continue working at Catoca kimberlite pipe, one of the largest primary diamond deposits and forth largest by size. As of today, Catoca produces more than 6 million carats of rough diamonds; reserves of the pipe are estimated at 60 million carats.

Catoca Ltd. Mining Co. is also a majority founder of Luemba company (Angola), with the Tchiuzo pipe, another large primary diamond deposit, located on its concession territory. ALROSA’s Yakutniproalmaz institute developed technical design for the development of this pipe and feasibility study for investments.

Republic of Zimbabwe

The Republic of Zimbabwe is also of interest for the geological exploration and, possibly, for the establishment of joint diamond-mining enterprises.

In 2012, ALROSA’s geological service and Zimbabwean DTZ–OZGEO entered into an agreement on technical cooperation aiming to choose promising areas and assess their resource potential. Today, ALROSA considers the establishment of joint venture with DTZ–OZGEO and cooperation with the state Zimbabwean company ZMDC.

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