On Monday, the relatives of several miners from Mir underground mine will arrive to Mirny

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The chairwoman of Profalmaz Trade Union, Motrena Skryabina, reported that the relatives of the miners remaining underground, who live or are located in other regions or outside the country will come to Mirny on Monday, August 7. ALROSA and the Trade Union are organizing the flight and will pay for it.

“We have already contacted all the relatives of the miners with whom we could not establish communication. In particular, we are talking about the relatives of four employees from a contracting organization who remain in the underground mine. Six of their relatives are flying from Moscow. We have also contacted the relatives of ALROSA’s miners from Mir underground mine. Some of their relatives are on vacation now. They are flying tomorrow from Crimea and the Donetsk People’s Republic. In fact, they are all arriving here on Monday morning. ALROSA and Profalmaz are bearing the expenses, we are organizing the transportation of the relatives,” says Motrena Skryabina.

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