OJSC ALROSA Announces Change of Registrar

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Moscow Office

115184, Ozerkovskaya nab., 24

E: info@alrosa.ru

T: +7 (495) 620-92-50
+7 (495) 411-75-25

Since May 18, 2015, Closed Joint Stock Company VTB Registrar will keep the register of security holders of OJSC ALROSA.

All the documents related to keeping the register of OJSC ALROSA can be submitted to any branches and subdivisions of CJSC VTB Registrar.


Closed Joint Stock Company VTB Registrar (License to implement register keeping activity No. 10-000-1-00347 of February 21, 2008, issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service without limitation as to the period of validity)

Location: 23, Pravdy Str., Moscow, 127015
Postal address:

INN (Taxpayer Identification Number):

PO Box 54, Moscow, 127137


OGRN (Main State Registration Number) 1045605469744
Telephone/fax (495) 787-44-83, (499) 257-17-00
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