Monitoring of hydrogeological situation is intensified

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The major task right now is to ensure miners and rescuers’ safety on level 210 where the search and rescue operations are on. For this purpose, ALROSA specialists monitor the hydrogeological situation with water level in the open pit mine and underground mine every two hours following a schedule of measures. A laser scanner Rietl vz-4000 and a tacheometer Leica ts-06 are used to monitor the situation. The obtained data allow creating a 3D-model of the water accumulated on the open pit bottom and assess its volume. These parameters are included into the schedule of the mine water fill-up and make it possible to calculate the degree of danger for the rescue operation.

Besides, the water pumps are equipped with ultrasonic flowmeters. The readings of these instruments are taken into account to assess the risk of search and rescue operations.

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