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On April 24, 2012 a meeting of ALROSA Supervisory Board was held chaired by Ilya Yuzhanov. The Supervisory Board discussed convocation of ALROSA’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The Board decided to hold the Annual General Meeting on June 30, 2012 in Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Members of the Board preapproved ALROSA’s annual report for 2011 and passed it for consideration to the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Their recommendation to the meeting is to distribute ALROSA’s net profit for 2011 as follows:

The Supervisory Board decided to recommend dividend payment to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The dividends recommended on the results of 2011 are RUB 1.01 per one outstanding ordinary registered share of 50 kopecks par value.

The Supervisory Board agreed with the decision of the Tender Committee relating to the winner of the tender and recommended to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to approve the LLC “Finansovye i Bukhgalterskye Konsultanty” as the Company’s auditor under the Russian Accounting Standards. The Board determined the amount of auditor’s remuneration as well.

The Supervisory Board preapproved proposal of the Company’s Executive Committee on gratuitous transfer to the Russian Federation of the property of the airfield in Mirny and airports in Polyarny, Aikhal, Vitim, Lensk, Saskylakh, and Olenyok.

The Board members considered the report on purchase of goods, works (services) for 2011. ALROSA’s Executive Committee has been instructed to keep on increasing the share of open tenders and tenders on electronic trading platforms.

The Supervisory Board as well as a number of the interested party transactions.

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