Location determining system saves miners’ lives

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The location determining system saved the lives of dozens of miners. The miners themselves have acknowledged this fact. As they explained, the alarm was heard in the underground mine even before the water flooded the workings, which allowed many people to escape.

You will recall that 142 miners out of 151 were brought to the surface in the first hours after the accident. Alisher Mirzaev, saved on Saturday, was also spotted at the underground level 410 due to his radio location mark. Thanks to these radio location marks, the rescuers established the supposed location of eight missing miners at the time of the accident.

The emergency warning and selective calling system is required to notify miners, engineers and technicians working underground about an accident or emergency and to call every miner individually (selectively). The system is used in underground workings with a mine field up to 10 km and a depth of 1 km. It is the system for constant monitoring of miners’ location in the workings, part of the emergency warning complex.

Renat Sagdiev, miner:




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