Igor M. Kulichik Appointed ALROSA Vice-president

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Igor Mikhailovich Kulichik, formerly ALROSA Chief Treasurer — Financial Director, by order of President of ALROSA Fyodor Andreev has been appointed ALROSA Vice-President — CFO, effective from 10th August, 2009.

Igor Kulichik was born on April 5th, 1967 in Brest. He is a graduate of the S. Ordzhonikidze Moscow Aviation Institute with a diploma of «mechanical engineer» (1990), and of the N. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy (1992) with a diploma of «engineer-mathematician».

His previous positions are as follows:

1992 — junior research assistant, the Civil Defense Institute under the RF Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief.

1992 — 1996 — economist, Interbank Payments; head, Bank Resources; head, Treasury; Deputy CEO, MF Joint Stock Commercial Bank «Tveruniversalbank».

1996 — 1998 — Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Commercial Bank «Reserve Funds Corporation Bank (BKRF)».

1998 — 2002 — CEO-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Commercial Bank «Reserve Funds Corporation Bank (BKRF)».

2002 — 2006 — Head of Treasury, ALROSA Co. Ltd.

2006 — 2009 — Chief Treasurer — Financial Director, ALROSA Co. Ltd.

As the CFO Igor Kulichik will supervise the Company’s financial policies, ALROSA African projects, operations of ALROSA subsidiaries and affiliates.

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