Geotransgaz commenced production at Senomanskaya field of the Beregovoye gas deposit

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On 6 September, ALROSA’s subsidiary CJSC Geotransgaz commissioned an integrated gas treatment plant (IGTP) at the Senomanskaya field of the Beregovoye gas condensate deposit. Estimated capacity is 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

CJSC Geotransgaz had commissioned the first stage of the Valanzhinskaya production field of the Beregovoye deposit in December 2012, estimating a production capacity of 1 billion cubic meters of gas and 300 thousand tons of gas condensate annually. This means Geotransgaz now has a total annual production capacity of 2 billion cubic meters of gas, and 300 thousand tons of condensate.

The Senomanskaya IGTP was designed by OJSC VNIPIgazdobycha (a subsidiary of Gazprom located in Saratov) using the most advanced technologies available to the Russian gas industry. The construction period was amazingly short - only 8 months.

Commissioning the new production facilities at Senomanskaya will enable CJSC Geotransgaz to increase its operational revenues and profit, and finance infrastructure facilities. It also enhance investment attractiveness of gas assets of the ALROSA’s gas assets, which could be sold as part of the Group’s strategy of concentrating on core assets.

The Senomanskaya field gas reserves are estimated at 25 billion cubic meters. OJSC Sibneftegaz (NOVATEC Group) also operates the Beregovoye gas condensate deposit, in its own licence area.

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