Expert RA assigned PJSC ALROSA its ruAAA credit rating

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May 7, 2020 – Expert RA agency has assigned PJSC ALROSA its ruAAA credit rating, the outlook for the rating is ‘stable’.

This rating corresponds to the highest level of creditworthiness/financial reliability/financial strength according to the national scale for the Russian Federation, in the agency’s opinion.

“The fact that ALROSA was assigned such a high credit rating reflects success of the Company’s prudent financial policy, quality of its corporate governance as well as ALROSA’s undeniable leadership on the global diamond market. We welcome the agency’s decision, that, undoubtedly, will further improve transparency of our company and diamond market in general for the financial community,” – said Deputy CEO of ALROSA Alexey Fiippovsky.

Full rating announcement (in Russian) can be found at Expert RA website.

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