Udachny Division

The operating area of Udachny Mining and Processing Division are Udachny underground mine, Zarnitsa open-pit and two placers - Dellyuvialnaya and Ruchey Piropovy

Production type:
Diamond mining
Roman Deniskin, Director

Contact details

Udachny Mining and Processing Division

Udachny, Novy Gorod 678188, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

E: ugok@alrosa.ru

T: +7 (41136) 5-52-25

Udachny Mining and Processing Division (MPD) is a business unit of ALROSA located in Western Yakutia. The division develops the Udachnaya and Zarnitsa kimberlite pipes, Dellyuvialnaya and Ruchey Piropovy placer deposits. Share in ALROSA Group’s production totaled 11% in 2016. In 2016 AROSA started the construction of service lane and infrastructure facilities at Verkhne-Munskoe deposit.

The division employs more than 3,300 people.

Udachny underground mine

This is the forth and the largest underground mine of ALROSA. The mine was put into production in 2014. In 2019, it is expected to reach the design capacity of 4 million tons of ore per year. Udachny underground mine operates at the same-name kimberlite pipe which has been mined as an open-pit since 1971 until 2015.

Diamond output at the Udachnaya pipe (open-pit and underground mining) in 2016 – 1.324 million carats.

Zarnitsa open-pit

This open-pit operates at Zarnitsa pipe, which was discovered in 1954 and became the very first primary diamond deposit in Soviet Union.

The development of this pipe has been long delayed, because the diamond content in this deposit is far lower than at the Udachnaya pipe. Mining at Zarnitsa began only in 1998, and until now yielded only about 1 million tons of ore per year. In a short-term Zarnitsa will annually produce more than 3 million tons of ore.

Diamond output in 2016 – 734 thousand carats.

Placer deposits

ALROSA won the auctions for the right to use subsurface mineral resources of placers, Ruchey Piropovy and Dellyuvialnaya, in 2013. Mining at these deposits was launched in 2015. Diamond output in 2016 – 221 thousand carats.

Ore processing

Kimberlites extracted from the Udachnaya and Zarnitsa pipes are processed at the Processing Plant No. 12, which has a design capacity of up to 11 million tons of ore per year.

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