The Cultural and Sports Complex (CSC)

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Organization of cultural and sports activities
Georgiy Petrovich Yust, Director

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The Cultural and Sports Complex (CSC)

9/2, Leningradsky Prospect 678174 Mirny


T: +7 (411-36) 3-26-37

The CSC includes 393 clubs and sections, in which more than 13,000 people take part.

The «Diamond-ALROSA» mini-football team, the «Diamonds of Yakutia» children’s theater-ballet, and the eight-time world weight-lifting champion — S.v. Merkulin are a source of pride not only of ALROSA, but also of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Widely known throughout Russia are the youth song festivals — «Mirny Sings of Peace».

The development of sports and cultural events are greatly assisted in Mirny by the new Yakutsk concert center, the 60th Anniversary of Victory sports complex (Stadium «Triumph» and the Sports Palace «Kimberlite»), Aikhal «Northern Lights» Palace of Culture and other modern social institutions.

In western Yakutia, the company maintains 9 palaces and houses of culture, clubs, 4 museums, 2 libraries, 12 sports halls, 2 stadiums, 4 swimming pools, 2 shooting galleries, and a ski center.

Providing full-fledged leisure activities promotes a healthy lifestyle, therefore the company carries out its annual multi-purpose «Culture and Sports» program.

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