PJSC Severalmaz

Public Joint Stock Company Severalmaz was established in March 1992 with a purpose to develop Europe’s largest primary diamond deposit – the Lomonosov field, and is one of the youngest mining enterprises in Russia.

Production type:
Diamond mining
Andrey Vasilievich Pismenny, CEO

Contact details

PJSC Severalmaz

15, ul. K. Marksa 163000, Arkhangelsk, Russia

E: sevalmaz@severalmaz.ru


T: +7 (8182) 65-75-07

PJSC Severalmaz, in which ALROSA owns 99.6% of shares, is engaged in the development of Lomonosovskoye deposit in the Arkhangelsk Region. It is one of the Company’s key development projects.

Severalmaz employs more than 1,600 people.

Severalmaz develops Lomonosov primary deposit that consists of 6 kimberlite pipes with the total diamond resources over 115 million carats.  Two pipes, Arkhangelskaya and Karpinskogo-1, are being developed now.

Commercial production of diamonds near the White Sea coast started in 2005, when the first module of the processing plant with annual capacity of 1 million tons of ore was put into operation at the Lomonosov Mining and Processing Division (MPD).

In 2014, Severalmaz commissioned the second module of the plant, increasing its capacity from 1 to 4 million tons of ore per year.

Share in ALROSA Group’s production totaled 5% in 2014.

Arkhangelskaya pipe

The pipe was discovered in 1980; it is located in the Arkhangelsk region 100 km northeast of Arkhangelsk city. Open-pit mining started here in 2005. Current reserves of the pipe are sufficient to maintain diamond mining until 2033.

Diamond output in 2014 – 1.373 million carats

Ore resources inclusive of reserves – 95.634 million tons

The average diamond grade – 0.86 carats per ton

Karpinskogo-1 pipe

The pipe is located 750 m northeast of Arkhangelskaya pipe. Stripping operations at the pipe were held from 2009; diamond mining at Karpinskogo-1started in 2014. The estimated reserves will allow to maintain diamond mining at the pipe until 2033.

Diamond output in 2014 – 266 thousand carats

Ore resources inclusive of reserves – 30.156 million tons

The average diamond grade – 1.11 carats per ton


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