JSC IC Bourevestnik

This branch is engaged in design and manufacturing of the state-of-the art X-ray luminescent equipment for diamond recovery at processing plants.

Production type:
Design and manufacturing of X-ray luminescence equipment
Vladymir Iosifovich Tsvetkov, General Director

Contact details

JSC IC Bourevestnik

3/1, ul. Letchika Parshina, 197350, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

E: bourevestnik@bourevestnik.spb.ru


T: +7 (812) 676-10-01

JSC IC Bourevestnik (scientific and manufacturing company) was founded in 1959 as a specialized design bureau for X-ray equipment. In 1974, it was transformed into the Leningrad Bourevestnik Scientific and Production Association.

Since the mid-1970s, it met the country’s needs in high-quality analyzers and industrial x-ray machines field. Products by Bourevestnik were used in the space programs to study the Sun, Moon and Venus from orbital spacecraft. In the 1980s, the company was involved into the design and manufacture of control systems for the Energia-Buran project.

Partnership with Yakutalmaz started in 1966. One year later, in Leningrad the first industrial piece of X-ray luminescence (XRL) diamond recovery machine, LS-20, was manufactured and tested in Mirny at Plant No. 7. Experts started to utilize a characteristic property of diamonds to luminesce under X-rays. It was Bourevestnik that developed this advanced technology, that to a large extend was a trend-setter in diamond recovery technologies.

By the beginning of the 1970s, more than 400 new-generation XRL sorters had been manufactured and were massively implemented at the Yakutalmaz processing facilities. XRL became one of the leading domestically-developed technologies for diamond recovery.

Since that time, the partnership of the two enterprises has continued: over 1,400 XRL diamond recovery systems of various models have been installed in Yakutia. In the 1970s-1980s, Bourevestnik increased its production capacities and started serial production of equipment – thus providing for a more efficient recovery of valuable minerals from ore.

In the early 2000s, ALROSA became the main shareholder in the Company with 90.6% of interest.

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