Mirny Exploration Expedition

This expedition is charged with the ongoing work related to geological support of ALROSA’s functioning diamond-mining divisions.

Type of activity:
On-mine-site diamond exploration and geotechnic surveying
Sergey Lvovich Treschov, head

Contact details

Mirny Exploration Expedition

44B, ul. Lenina 678174, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Mirny

E: mgre@alrosa.ru

T: +7 (411-36) 9-00-80

The history of the Mirny Exploration Expedition of PNO Yakutalmaz began in 1978. In 1994, already within the structure of ALROSA, the Botuobinskaya and Mirny Exploration Expeditions were merged. On January 1 января 2005 the Mirny exploration expedition was reestablished for on-mine-site and detailed exploration and geotechnic surveying at diamond and building materials deposits, and also for hydrogeological investigations, environmental monitoring and reinjecting drainage water and brines from operating mines.

The Mirny Expedition employs 673 people.

Since January 1, 2010 the Mirny Expedition has incorporated into its structure the Pomorskaya multy-purpose geological and geophysical party, based in Arkhangelsk — after the reorganization of the former ALROSA-Pomorye branch of ALROSA.

Today the Mirny Expedition consists of three exploration parties -West-Yakut, engaged in on-mine-site exploration and hydrogeological investigations for the Mirny and Nyurba Mining & Processing Divisions; Polar, engaged in exploration at the Zarnitsa and Udachnaya kimberlite pipes, and at other sites of the Udachny Mining & Processing Division; and Pomorskaya.

At the sites of the Aikhal Mining & Processing Division the Mirny Expedition carries out on-mine-site exploration at the Aikhal, Jubilee and Komsomolskaya pipes.

Pomorskaya Exploration Party is engaged in primary and alluvial diamond deposit early-stage exploration at the promising sites in the Arkhangelsk diamondiferous area, as well as in on-mine-site exploration for Severalmaz.

The diamond-bearing samples of the Mirny Expedition are processed at Plant No. 17 in Nakyn, and at Plant No. 10 in Aikhal.

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