Diamond Sorting Center (DSC)

Rough diamonds originating from different mines, after their processing and concentration at ore treatment plants, are delivered to Mirny, Yakutia. At the Mirny Diamond Sorting Center (DSC) conduct its preliminary sorting and evaluation.

Production type:
Sorting & valuation of rough diamonds
Oleg Petrovich Popov, Director

Contact details

Diamond Sorting Center (DSC)

15/3 Ul. Tikhonova, 678174, Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

E: csa@alrosa.ru

T: +7 (411-36) 4-38-09

Diamonds are then sent to Moscow, to the United Selling Organization (USO), or to Yakutsk, to the Yakutsk Diamond Trading Enterprise (YaPTA). They monitor rough diamond production from the various mines of origins, the results of which are used in the operational planning of the mining and processing divisions.

The DSC was established in 1990. It incorporates various areas of production and service — storage, grading, sorting, valuation, mineralogical study of diamonds, analysis and research, etc.

Movement and tracking of diamond production is fully computerized allowing feedback from the mining divisions. Acceptance of diamonds and all the technological operations are strictly tracked in a computer database.

The DSC also plays an important role in the study of diamonds from new mines, tentative forecasting regarding the quality of diamonds from new sources. A complete collection of diamonds mined throughout the years of diamond prospecting and exploration in the Yakut diamond province is stored here.

Over the years the DSC experts and sorters have handled more than USD 35 billion worth of diamonds. The DSC is proud of its highly skilled and experienced staff.

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