Capital Construction Division (CCD)

The ALROSA Capital Construction Division (CCD) performs the role of a contractor for capital construction projects and reconstruction of existing objects of ALROSA Co Ltd in Western Yakutia, other parts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and other regions.

Production type:
Capital construction, repair
Potapov Sergej Pavlovich, Director

Contact details

Capital Construction Division (CCD)

9, Industrialnaya ul., 678174, Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia


T: +7 (41136) 99-000, #4-34-42

Construction and erection works are carried out by several CCD departments like the Mirny and Aikhal construction and erection trusts. Some units also perform auxiliary functions — the Mirny specialized mine construction unit builds underground mines, the specialized Almaztechmontazh trust carries out erection, start-and-adjustment works at the company’s sites.

Construction and repair work is carried out on the basis of construction contracts.

The company has embarked on a program of improving the construction complex, which provides for the creation of a new structure with the investment planning functions and monitoring the implementation of investment projects, strengthening of customer service and formation of project management elements.

In the course of its business, the investment planning and control service will monitor the activities of all members of the investment process — enterprises — contractors, the Yakutniproalmaz Institute, Capital Construction Division and Material Supplies & Logistics Division.

The main objective of this reform is to increase the efficiency of investment projects and the optimum reduction of construction costs.

Thanks to its capital construction division, ALROSA has the largest construction capabilities east of the Urals.

Capital investments of the company are between USD 400 to 500 million annually, more than 80% of the funds are directed to the construction of diamond mining facilities.

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