DIAMONDS ALROSA is ALROSA’s own cutting and polishing division and one of Russia’s largest diamond manufacturers.

Production type:
Diamond Cutting & Polishing
Pavel Vinikhin, Director

Contact details


12, Smolnaya ul., 125493, Moscow, Russia


T: +7 (495) 777-09-41

The division was established in 2000. It is based in Moscow, on the premises of the former Soviet «Kristall Moscow» diamond cutting & polishing plant. In different years it manufactured USD 120–160 worth of polished diamonds.

The main specialization of DIAMONDS ALROSA is so-called ’Russian Cut’ diamonds which traditionally occupy a niche of their own in the world polished diamond market as premier quality goods.

The high quality standard is ensured by:

DIAMONDS ALROSA sells round and fancy diamonds on the domestic market and internationally and offers its customers the entire range of polished goods (all size/weight groups, colors and qualities).

Finished products are carefully selected and grouped into lots by skilled professionals with a view to meet customer requirements. Comfortable showrooms and offices are available for product preview and negotiations.

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