Botuobinskaya Exploration Expedition

It is the largest geological structure of Russia, working on prospecting and exploration of solid minerals. Currently, exploring an area of ​​over 100,000 square kilometers.

Production type:
Mineral prospecting & exploration
Vladimir Mikhailovich Fomin, Head

Contact details

Botuobinskaya Exploration Expedition

76, Viluyskaya ul., 678174, Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia


T: +7 (41136) 3-07-47

The Botuobinskaya Exploration Expedition was established by order of the Yakut territorial geological department No. 409 dated June 11, 1959 on the basis of the Vilyui Expedition and prospecting parties Nos. 200, 128, 223, 233, 249, 256 of the Amakinskaya Exploration Expedition. It is based in Mirny, the capital city of the Diamond Province.

The main area of operations of the Expedition was the Malaya-Botuobia diamondiferous area, included in the area of oprations of the Mirny Mining and Processing Division. Over time, the volumes of exploration increased as did the area of operations of the Botuobinskaya exploration expedition.

After Yakutsgeologia Production and Geological Association was liquidated, and the State Committee for Mineral Resources of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was created, the Botuobinskaya, Amakinskaya and Chernyshevskaya Exploration Expeditions on a voluntary basis amalgamated with PNO Yakutalmaz with the approval of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In this way, the expeditions were able to maintain their volumes of exploration and retain their highly skilled staffs.

Major geological discovery expedition Botuobinskaya:

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