Andrey Pismenny appointed as Severalmaz CEO

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Andrey Pismenny, former Chief Engineer of ALROSA, was appointed as CEO of Severalmaz JSC operating in the Arkhangelsk region.

The contract with Andrey Pismenny was signed for a period of 5 years. His predecessor, the former CEO of Severalmaz, Sergey Gerasimov, had held this position from 2010.

Since 2005 Severalmaz has been developing the M.I. Lomonosov diamond field. In 2014, Severalmaz completed the investment period and put into operation the second module of the processing plant, increasing its processing capacity from 1 to 4 million tons of ore per year.

The processing capacity increase allowed the company to start mining at Karpinskogo-1 pipe in addition to mining operations at the existing Arkhangelskaya pipe. All implemented measures will give Severalmaz an opportunity to increase diamond production to 2 million carats in 2015 and to over 5 million carats thereafter.

The development of Severalmaz is an important part of ALROSA’s Long-term development program that envisages production growth from 36.2 million carats in 2014 to more than 41 million carats by 2019.

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