ALROSA’s geologists evaluated the potential of Malo-Botuobinsky license area

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December 4, 2019 – ALROSA geologists summarized results of prospecting for diamond deposits at the Malo-Botuobinsky license area. Three promising sites identified for further evaluation.

Since 2014, ALROSA’s Vilyui Exploration Expedition has operated within four sites in Nizhne-Botuobinskaya area: Ulukhan-Kurung-Yuryakh, Choppo-Biettakhsky, Maar-Siene and Kuchchugui-Irelyakhsky. A task was to identify local areas for detailed prospecting to block out kimberlite bodies and to clarify their geological structure as well as a structural and tectonic framework. Should diamondiferous objects be identified, forecasted mineral resources must be assessed.

All the geological and geophysical information about this territory was generalized and interpreted before the prospecting started. The prospecting included magnetic and electric exploration, high-frequency seismic surveys and verification of geophysical anomalies using the core drilling method. The geologists studied more than 200 thousand square meters.

“Three promising sites have been localized in the studied territory, predicting the presence of kimberlite body clusters and individual kimberlite bodies comparable to the known kimberlite bodies of Malo-Botuobinsky diamondiferous area. Preliminary estimates indicate that forecast diamond resources are 17.9 million carats. It is recommend to continue prospect evaluation survey to access kimberlite rock,” ALROSA Chief Geologist Konstantin Garanin says.

Detecting new diamond deposits in Nizhne-Botuobinskaya area will make a significant contribution to the development of ALROSA’s mineral resource base and in the longer run will support financial, economic and social situation in the region.

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