ALROSA’s financing to prevent COVID-19 exceeded RUB 1 bln in 2020

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January 28, 2021 - ALROSA’s spending on countering COVID-19 exceeded RUB 1 billion in 2020. The company spent over 95% of that amount on the anti-epidemic measures in Yakutia, where the company's main operations are located.

ALROSA supports hospitals in Yakutia. In 2020, the company financed and purchased medical supply and equipment for hospitals in Mirny, Aikhal, Lensk, Udachny, Nyurba and Yakutsk. ALROSA equipped hospitals with medicines, bactericidal units, consumable medical materials, ALVs, bedside monitors, oxygen concentrators, ultraviolet units, oxygenators, disinfection equipment, PPEs (medical masks, caps, gloves, protective suits), minilabs for testing and tests, reagents and an X-ray machine.

Employees’ wellbeing is reconfirmed as top priority of ALROSA during the pandemic. The company provides safeguarding measures and comprehensive support for its personnel. These include remote work for part of the office staff, providing PPEs for obligatory wearing, use of disinfectants and tempreture check several times a day, free of charge provision of PCR and antibody tests for COVID-19. ALROSA's corporate Medical Center, which helps the company's employees in the Mirny district, is fully supplied with everything they need. The medical personnel receive extra pay for working during a pandemic.

The company finances and fully provides the quarantine facilities that were set up to reduce the infection risk at the remote production sites and shift camps.

When the pandemic began, ALROSA equipped the airports of Mirny and Udachny with everything necessary to check the arriving passengers. The company has installed thermal cameras in airports to identify people with elevated temperatures.

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