ALROSA’s ecologists start fish stocking in rivers of Yakutia

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May 15, 2020 - ALROSA started preparation for the fish stocking season in order to preserve the river populations of Yakutia. The company’s Chief Ecologist Polina Anisimova with colleagues has visited a fish factory in Chernyshevsk settlement (Yakutia) as part of the 2020 fish stocking season. 

From May to September 2020, over 4 mln of larval fish and 65,000 of fry will be released in Lena and Vilyui rivers, as well as in Timir-Kyunde lake and Vilyui reservoir. This will be the largest release since 2012, when ALROSA started cooperation with Chernyshevsk fish factory.

Thus, water bodies of Yakutia will be replenished with 65,000 pieces of sturgeon fry, 1 mln pieces of broad whitefish larval, 1 mln pieces of vendace, and over 2 mln pieces of northern white fish.

“Fish stocking is very important for preserving the aquatic biological resources of rivers, and for the well-being of local citizens. In September, we will consider the implementation of a long-term program on fish stocking with the Government of Yakutia being involved,” said Polina Anisimova, Chief Ecologist of ALROSA.

ALROSA has been cooperating with Chernyshevsk fish factory since 2012. Every year the company provides financing. In 2020, ALROSA invested RUB 10 mln in a fish stocking program compared to RUB 6 mln in 2019.

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