ALROSA’s diamond cutting and polishing to be headed by Pavel Vinikhin

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Moscow, July 21, 2017 – Pavel Vinikhin appointed as Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA – ALROSA’s cutting and polishing division, one of the largest diamond manufacturers in Russia. In fact, he has been managing the enterprise since October 2016 when he was an acting director.

Pavel Vinikhin is responsible for the development and modernization of manufacturing facilities, as well as development and implementation of a new marketing strategy aimed at the increase in sales and rise in profitability.

Pavel Vinikhin was born in Smolensk in 1979. He has been working in ALROSA Group for 12 years. He held various positions in ALROSA’s management, was responsible for analysis and coordination of the Company’s affiliates and controlled companies. In 2008-2009, he was Director for Economics and Finance of Research and Production Enterprise Bourevestnik that designs and manufactures modern X-ray sorters for ALROSA’s processing plants. In April 2016, he was appointed as Deputy Director for Marketing of DIAMONDS ALROSA, and headed ALROSA Diamonds Ltd, a cutting and polishing factory in Barnaul. He has been Acting Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA since October 2016.

ALROSA’s cutting and polishing complex comprises two enterprises: DIAMONDS ALROSA in Moscow and ALROSA Diamonds Ltd in Barnaul. DIAMONDS ALROSA work with large rough diamonds over 1.8 carats, including special size rough diamonds and those with unique color specifications. The division is engaged not only in the manufacture of polished diamonds, but in their sale as well. The bulk of products are sold by wholesale lots at monthly trading sessions, both for export and in the domestic market.

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