ALROSA Vice President Rinat Gizatulin elected as head of subcommittee at Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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An extended meeting of the Committee of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry for entrepreneurship support in the sphere of mining, production, processing and trade in precious metals, precious stones and products, was held on April 20, 2016.

Rinat Gizatulin, ALROSA Vice President for interaction with public authorities, corporate communications, public affairs, and other strategic issues of the Company’s operations, participated in the meeting.

The meeting made a decision to establish a subcommittee, whose work will be focused on promoting the development and support of the Russian industry engaged in production, processing and turnover of precious stones, interacting with state authorities that supervise the industry in order to liberalize the market and increase the investment appeal of precious stones, simplifying the tax legislation, and widening of international ties of participants of the Russian market of precious stones. All members of the meeting elected Rinat Gizatulin as the head of the subcommittee.

The short-range plans of the subcommittee include making-up the list of participants, drawing-up a program of work for 2016 and a meetings plan, developing discussion issues and proposals to the state authorities of the Russian Federation in charge of production and turnover of precious stones, to improve the legislation in this field and support the development of the industry.

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