ALROSA upgrades Mirny Division personnel structure

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July 17, 2020 – ALROSA to change the personnel structure of its Mirny mining and processing division. The company consolidates the plant and some other units in order to optimize operations while keeping in place as much personnel as possible.

The aim of the reform that will come in force on October 1, 2020 is to reduce operating costs at the Processing plant #3 and keep jobs.

Under the realignment, two units to be established at the Mirny MPD, Mining Transport and Processing. They will be staffed with workers from the Plant 3, motor depot and alluvials.

This rationale is the underutilization of the plant under cost cutting measures the company implemented. The consolidation allows to put the personnel on the job where it is needed insteed of furloughing.

As of the end of 2019, Mirny MPD employed around 2,600 people. The reorganization involves 670 workers, most of them will be offered to move to one of the newly established units. About 90 people at redundant positions will get compensations and social support implied by the labor law. They will be offered other vacant positions at the company.

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