ALROSA to implement free screening health programs for employees in August

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ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, will launch new programs for free medical screenings in different areas for employees starting in August. The financing of these activities will also increase in comparison with the previous year.

The company first introduced the screening practice in 2017. In October-December, about 5,500 employees of the company checked their health under the programs "Men's Health" and "Prevention, and early diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system". Specially invited professionals of the international medical center "SOGAZ" conducted the examination in Udachny, Aikhal, Mirny and Lensk. ALROSA spent about RUB 30 million for these events.

Considering the high interest of the employees to the program, ALROSA continues the practice of early diagnosis and preventive measures. In a period from August 2 to November 30, 2018, new programs will be conducted – "Cardio-screening" and "Women's Health", as well as a program to diagnose diseases of the digestive system. The total financing of screening programs in 2018 will be about RUB 77 million. About 10,500 people are expected to get the examination.

"Last year's screening program gave a very good result and helped many people to get a real picture of their health and make timely preventive treatment. A large number of participants of the program shows that people understand the importance of early diagnosis. It is important for ALROSA to provide employees with this opportunity, especially given the fact that most of the employees work in areas far from major cities. Healthcare of the employees is an essential part of the company's social programs," Yulia Kulakova, Director of ALROSA Medical Center, said.

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