ALROSA supports wild reindeer protection in Yakutia

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April 8, 2020 – ALROSA Environmental Center signed additional agreement with Yakutia authorities to provide more financing for wild reindeer protection.

ALROSA has a long-term relationship with an official body responsible for a wildlife protection in Yakutia. This commitment implies that in 2019-2022 the parties work together on monitoring wild reindeer herds in tundra and developing plan to protect and increase population.

Under an additional agreement for RUB 1 million, signed in March 2020, a special wild reindeer protection unit will get financing for transport equipment and a drone for surveying and filming herds.

In 2019, ALROSA provided financing to buy equipment needed to improve the effectiveness of state inspectors in protecting wild reindeer and eliminating illicit hunting in areas of seasonal migration.

ALROSA in recent years provided special paths for reindeer to cross ground installation lines at the Company’s industrial territories, and developed a mechanism to block traffic to let animals safely pass across haul roads.

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