ALROSA starts to implement the Lean Production system at Aikhal Division

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March 3, 2020 - Aikhal Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA began implementing tools for the Lean Production system.

The 5C system is one of the most famous methods of Lean Production. It helps to organize the workplace correctly, keep it clean, and maintain standards and discipline.

The idea of introducing the 5C system to the Aikhal Division was born during the visit of ALROSA management to one of the sections of the mining technological equipment workshop.

To date, work on three of the stages of the system is being carried out at the sites of the mining equipment repair shop. These stages are organizing a workplace, strengthening discipline and creating safe working conditions. The entire team implements the project.

“The launch of the project in sections No. 3 and No. 7 has already yielded quite tangible results. It made easier to keep a workplace clean, increased its ergonomics. Working conditions have significantly improved, partially due to the strengthening of industrial safety,” commented Sergey Popovichenko, deputy chief for production at the mining equipment repair shop.

“The introduction of the 5C system has also increased labor productivity,” said Artem Polyvyanny, a team leader for the production system development at Aikhal Division. “The new approach allowed us to significantly reduce the so-called hidden losses. These are, for example, irrational movements, unnecessary logistics, demotivation of the personnel. The morale of the team improved.”

The project team develops an action plan for the further implementation of the concept of “lean manufacturing”. The possibility of extending experience to other sections and shops is being considered.


The lean production (or lean manufacturing) concept is a result of the interpretation of Toyota's production system by experts from the U.S. It implies a permanent course on elimination of all types of losses, as each employee is customer-oriented and involved in the business optimization process. The lean production concept allows industrial enterprises to significantly increase labor productivity, shorten production cycle, decrease a reject rate, improve product quality, free up space, reduce inventory and extend equipment overhaul intervals.

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